Virtual Staging is a winner!

What do you do when you stare at an empty room? Chances are, you envision what it would look like furnished. You’d likely try and picture how big a bedroom would be once a bed was in it, or what the best layout in the family room would be. Let’s face it, empty rooms can feel cold and often appear small. Rooms with well laid-out furniture and accessories bring warmth and offer inspiration.

From my experience in the real estate industry, I’ve witnessed buyers first-hand having trouble picturing themselves in a home simply because it was empty. This is exactly why I offer Virtual Staging to my clients!

I recently had the opportunity to list a brand new condo townhouse in Vaughan for a good client and friend of mine. I used Virtual Staging to showcase the unit to its fullest potential. Interested to see the difference for yourself? Move the sliders below to left and right to view the before and after photos.

I’m happy to report, the Virtual Staging and digital marketing package provided for this property resulted in a new record-high lease price!

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As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions!